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Security and Warranty Declaration Bramo! "Buramo!" We carefully select the branch store according to our own strict examination standard, We strive to create an environment where users can enjoy shopping with peace of mind. If, by any chance, the branch store sells illegal goods without intention, We support users according to the terms and conditions of our mall.

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Batch search for mail-order products from leading brands Out of a total of more than 100,000 major products from over 40 major brand stores You can do a bulk search of what you want. There is no need to check inventory or check prices at various sites.
Linked to news & community site, magazine You can purchase products listed in the magazine "JESSICA by Bramo" sold at bookstores and convenience stores throughout the country at this mall as they are, or you can easily check products that you are having trouble purchasing with "Bracomi!".

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Accumulated, usable point reduction When you shop at this mall, 1% of the item price (excluding tax) is returned as points, and you can use it as "1 point = 1 yen" when shopping from the next time on. There will also be occasional special campaigns where points are easier to earn than usual.

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※ If you purchase without membership registration, there is no point return.
※ The point reduction rates listed on each product page may differ as the point reduction rates may differ or may change without notice.
Please order after confirmation.
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